The Magic Muir


I understand that you believe there is no way out of the current reality you are living in.

You may even believe that suffering is just apart of the experience on Earth.

But I am here to remind you that the dreams that you are aching to create for yourself are absolutely obtainable. 

The level of peace that you are craving is right underneath all the layers of pain and false programming.

Let’s peel back the layers of conditioning to access your true authentic power.


Inner Child Healing



Womb Healing



Spiritual Counseling



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Theres nothing I can do to express how thankful I am not only your time, love, and support, but that the Universe crossed our paths at this point in my life. You reminded me that the hug I need is from within and only I can give myself the love that Im looking for. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes you won’t get closure because people are still healing themselves or don’t even know healing needs to be done. I’m not my parents’ hurtful words and this monster they painted me out to be. I’m someone ot be proud of. Thank you for this healing.

I’ll definitely be booking another appointment with you. You’ve helped me so much in just these 30 minutes.


So I did something I didn’t know I needed. Ciara offered her services to me and I decided to give it a shot. She sat me down and through our first session she helped me get memories that I never knew I was holding onto. A bit skeptical at first, but came with an open mind. I overcame the harsh realities of past memories and traumatic experiences wand was able to see how it was affecting my performance. I immediately felt a sense of calmness within my body and have felt so light since my session. Thank you Ciara.


As soon as the session started and she began to share what impressions she was picking up and what psychic details were coming through, I recognized this was more than a fakedreading“. She came across as down to earth and very detailed and on point in her perceptions. The inner child work was especially effective and helped me see the root of some of my social fears. A very liberating and encouraging experience overall!

She also answered my questions about what my life mission might be, which I intuited, but doubted, as I thought it might be an ego driven desire.


I just wanted to reach out and say that I cannot believe its almost been a year since we did our inner child healing session. I wanted to thank you for your work! Ive been able to work through so much of my wounding, and connect with me and I couldnt have tapped into that part of me without you!