Thursday August 5th

Black’s Beach 7am PST

Join Ciara and Mariana for an outdoor adventure in which we will connect to nature, ourselves and sisterhood as a whole. Let’s talk prayer, living with devotion, and let’s immerse our mind, body and spirit into the Earth’s medicine.

Nature encourages you to strip away the heavy layers of societal programming that mask your most authentic, liberated version of yourself.

Let’s come together as sisters and embrace our wild, primal nature.

Free of expectations. Free of judgements.

Just show up exactly as you desire to be. We’d love to journey with you and bask in our freedom in unity.

Strip off the layers of false programming.

The societal beliefs that have been programmed into you since the day you were born and have been encoded into your DNA generation after generation. The beliefs that make you feel like you have to act a certain way to be enough. To fit into a container that wasn’t ever meant for the expansiveness of your soul. To work a specific type of job that serves the system in order to support yourself financially. The idea that you have to physically and digitally alter your body to be beautiful, admired and most importantly, loved. Every idea that you believed to be true about this world. About this society.

Let it all go.

Strip off each layer that doesn’t turn every cell of your body on. To this feeling of eternal state of orgasm and bliss. Of excitement and a thrill to be alive. In order to meet your most, authentic, RAW version of yourself. This version of yourself that is buried beneath the layers has the entire path encoded within that is aligned with your wildest dreams. The highest and best timeline for both you and the entire collective. A life that doesn’t have to be hard. A life that doesn’t have to drag on. But instead a life where all of your needs, desires and creative projects show up to you in the most magical synchronized ways because you trust that much in yourself.

You just show up with an open heart and a deep trust in life and it will unravel, exactly how it’s meant to. If these words are stirring up inspiration within you to step into this level of freedom, join us on August 5th for a very sacred women’s gathering on the beautiful San Diego coast. 

During our sisterhood circle, we are going to dive into our core wounds and how it affects us from moving forward onto the path of our highest and best potential. 

We’ll be covering:

  • How to be grounded in your body while embodying the highest verison of yourself
  • How to do the inner work throughout your days
  • How to journey and navigate your inner world through meditation





Once I was able to reach a state of deep inner peace within myself,  I wanted to share this wisdom with the entire world.  As I exuded happiness and begin living the life of my wildest dreams, it fueled my passion to help others reach their dreams while healing themselves from the inside out. 



It is my intention to continue providing a safe space for you to be the highest and greatest expression of self your soul has to offer. One individual soul is not nearly as powerful as a collective. Let’s continue to unite, to bring light into the dark aspects of our lives and therefore our world to continue healing on a collective level. We desire to make this space one of truth, integrity and uniqueness. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all regimen, but rather an event with great intuitive flow while holding a safe, secure container. We explore dancing, swimming, singing, clearing, crying, laughing and anything in between. Let’s all simply journey together as sisters. As one source expressed out into multiple forms, shapes, and colors. I love you and I am excited to be your host alongside my dearly beloved and highly respected sister Ciara. 

We can’t wait to see you there.