Inner Child Healing

I provide the safe space for you to let your walls down, so I can walk you through the process of healing. I will gently guide you through the process by asking you the right questions that open up the flood gates of your subconscious mind, that may have formed blockages that are preventing you from facing the wounds and discovering healing.

Part of this process includes an inner child meditation, in which I lead you through the process of reconnecting with your wounded inner child. I will guide you through a memory in which you experienced a trauma or wound and lead you to processing and picking up the broken pieces of your fragmented being, so you can integrate them into wholeness. The healing process quickly begins to unfold once you reconnect with your inner child, because you will begin to live for the child within.

I provide you with a specialized plan that will help you find the inner peace you have been longing, specified with your emotional needs. This will include the healthy coping mechanisms that you will need to discover healing.

Womb Healing 

Your womb is not only a place where new life is created, It is a sacred portal that holds the secrets of your true power.

The womb is the source in which everything is created in life. It is the portal to the infinite nature of reality. It is the center of our creativity, pleasure, intuitive abilities and it dictates the relationship we have with ourselves.

However, the womb is naturally a container that stores all energetic imprints through sexual exchanges, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, strong emotional reactions, self-sabotage and self abandonment.

Without proper release, this energy stagnates and manifests into physical and energetic blockages such as: 

-Pelvic pain


– Endometriosis

– Ovarian cysts


– Constipation

– PMS Pain

– Dark blood clots

– Ovulation pain

– Hip Pain

– Low back pain

– Lethargy

– Collapsed Womb

– Chronic Miscarriages

– Depression/ Anxiety

This healing session is centered around creating a safe space for the most tender healing. Clearing out all trauma and energetic blockages, creating rich fertile soils to plant in the new seeds for your path. 

Kansa Energy Healing

Explore the restorative art of Kansa, which is an ancient precious healing metal wand that activates Marma points (energetic centers) in the body. This experiences restores balance and harmony within the body and activates your own inner healing intelligence through the gentle detox process of the session.

I will purify the soils of your inner garden to plant new seeds in which are aligned with the highest alignment of your souls path. Dissolving energetic blockages and attuning your energetic centers to flow effortlessly once again.

Spiritual Counseling

Struggling physically or mentally and not really sure which option would be best for you? You were led here for a reason. I am intuitive channel and energy healer and am confident in my abilities to heal, as most physical and mental disease is a result of a some kind energetic stagnation. 

This session is a safe space for healing, where I am embody a crystal clear mirror, reflecting back to you the wisdom necessary for you to step into the highest verison of yourself and experience profound healing.