Heal the wounds that have been holding you back by reconnecting with your inner child

I provide the safe space for you to let your walls down, so I can walk you through the process of healing.

I will gently guide your through the process by asking you the right questions that open up the floodgates of your subconscious mind, that may have formed blockages that are preventing you from facing the wounds and discovering healing.

The inner child work was especially effective and helped me see the root of some of my social fears. A very liberating and encouraging experience overall!



A part of this process includes an inner child meditation, in which I lead you through the process of reconnecting with your wounded inner child. I will guide you through a memory in which you experienced a trauma or wound and lead you to processing and picking up the broken pieces of your fragmented being, so you can integrate them into wholeness. The healing process quickly begins to unfold once you reconnect with your inner child, because you will begin to live for the child within and be able to let go of all the limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that were preventing you from being the greatest version of yourself.

I provide you with an individualized plan that will help you find the inner peace you have been longing for, specified with your emotional needs. This will include the healthy coping mechanisms that you will need to discover healing.

Emotional Processing

Allowing all repressed emotions to rise to the surface, to be acknowledged, accepted, loved, and released.

Inner Child Work

Connecting with the wounded inner child within, to process childhood traumas and wounds that may have gone unresolved. Giving the child within the chance to express him or her self and discover healing.

Shadow Work

Working with your own inner darkness, facing all the aspects of yourself that are lurking in the shadows of your psyche and bringing them into the light.

Energetic Release

The process of releasing stagnant energy is trapped within the body.

Guided Meditation

The process of being lead through a memory  that you didn’t quite understand, so you can gain the missing pieces of your being.

Sound Healing

The application of healing frequencies to the physical and subtle energy fields around the body.