I was existing in this life, but I didn’t really feel alive. Life was dark and blurry. I was overweight, unhealthy, insecure, and very unhappy in my life. This propelled me into desiring more for the current reality I was living in. I was brought back to building a relationship with myself. I began to observe my habits, thoughts, and actions; believing that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.

I was lost for so long, seeking the answers externally, only to discover that the answers resided within me. After years of emotional turmoil and a variety of illnesses, I was sick of hearing that I would have to spend the rest of my life on medication.

I decided to take my healing into my own hands. I had to trust fall into my own self and believe that healing was possible. I built a strong relationship with myself which led me to listening to the wisdom of my body.  I was then intuitively led to holistic healing modalities. Every single symptom I was experiencing is now being healed through natural foods, meditation, emotional release, and through my understanding of the ultimate power of my mind.

Once I was able to reach a state of deep inner peace within myself,  I wanted to share this wisdom with the entire world.  As I exuded happiness and begin living the life of my wildest dreams, it fueled my passion to help others reach their dreams while healing themselves from the inside out. 

The key to my success is simple: A genuine passion for helping you find what you are truly looking for. I go out of the way to understand your needs and won’t settle for anything less than what you desire. I strive to build a long-lasting relationship with my clients by providing a personable approach to healing, and aim to surpass your expectations on every occasion.

I have created a sanctuary for people to heal their deepest levels of pain through my holistic offerings. I offer inner child healing calls, spiritual counseling sessions, womb healing sessions and Kansa Marma therapy that are centered around healing trauma and removing stagnant energy from the body. I guide you through an inner child healing meditation, where you connect to the past version of yourself that was experiencing the trauma, to collect the fragmented pieces of your consciousness and to return you back to wholeness. Through what I have witnessed in myself and my clients, I believe that this is the foundation towards overcoming mental illness and physical disease.

A portion of the proceeds from every healing goes towards Food for Philanthropy. This organization is focused on uplifting families to a baseline level of prosperity. We believe this is not only what is best for each individual or family, but for the world as a whole. If you lift a family out of extreme poverty and give them a baseline needs to where they can flourish on their own and be self-sustaining, then they can create the prosperity that they seek for their them and their family. 

This is not about handouts and creating dependency, but with working with families so that they can thrive on their own. Food for Philanthropy aims to provide food and gifts for less fortunate families in our local community during the holiday season. 

If you would like to make a contribution or even join me on at a Food for Philanthropy event, please feel free to contact me below!



Southern California