I will call you with the number provided on the calendly page! If you forgot to provide your number, please send me an email so that I may reach you! I have several locations that I normally perform my in person sessions at. We may also have the session at a location of your choosing if you like.

Get A Free Copy of My Inner Child Healing eGuide

As a bonus for booking a healing call with me, I offer all of my clients a copy of my Inner Child Healing eGuide. I designed this in a way that can be utilized throughout the rest of your journey. This is a manual that will assist you with healing all of the trauma that you experienced in your childhood. It will then guide you through reprogramming your limited beliefs and ways of being that were formed as a result of trauma.

In this eGuide you will:

    • Reprogram your limiting beliefs
    • Learn the basics of Soul Retrieval
    • Heal from all of your trauma
    • Let go of wounds that have been holding you back
    • Discover what your blockages are
    • Get in touch with your inner child
    • Healing toxic coping mechanisms
    • Get in touch with your purpose
    • Learn the basic tools to redesigning your reality
    • Build a strong connection with your body
    • Develop strong awareness